Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Linguistics Fun

Here is a little linguistics "puzzle" of sorts, in a language called Yaqui.  See if you can figure out which English clauses are which Yaqui clauses.  They are listed in random order (1 is not a).

1.  Inepo siika.                              a.  You helped me.
2.  Empo nee aniak.                      b.  You danced.
3.  Inepo apo'ik aniak.                   c.  I saw you.
4.  Inepo apo'ik vichak.                 d.  I saw him.
5.  Inepo enchi vichak.                  e.  I helped you.
6.  Inepo enchi aniak.                    f.  I helped him.
7.  Empo ye'ek.                             g.  He saw you.
8.  Aapo enchi vichak.                  h.  I left.

You don't need to know Yaqui to figure it out.  Computer programmers out there may find this to be pretty easy.  Leave a comment with your answers.  :)


  1. Hey! I think I got it. Let's try. . .
    1-h, 2-a, 3-f, 4-e, 5-c, 6-d, 7-b, 8-g. Is that right? Bit of a challenge for this feeble brain.


  2. Very good, Julie! You got all of them correct except for 4 and 6, which should be reversed (i.e. 4-d, 6-e). Yaqui is a Subject Object Verb (SOV) language.

    Vichak = Saw.
    Aniak = Helped.