Saturday, January 10, 2015

A plea from three elders of a formerly unreached people group in Papua New Guinea

We have to share this video with you. It is a heartfelt plea for help directed to American believers from three elders (Maile, Namoleya, and Suduwama) of a formerly unreached people group in Papua New Guinea. It is well worth seven minutes of your time!

"You [in America] have many various things, but you cannot allow yourself to be a prisoner of your possessions. You cannot place your confidence in those things or lust after them. But rather, consider if you are thirsting for obeying God's Word as you would thirst for water."  - Maile

"If we live distracted and preoccupied with thinking of money, cars, or the attractive things of this ground, there will be no rewards."  -Namoleya

"You cannot live as an extra tool that is not being used, or a leftover that is doing nothing. Many have not heard God's talk and are on their way to the place of fire."  -Suduwama

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