Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is it important?

Is it important to translate the Bible into other languages? Most definitely!

The Luang are a people who live on an island in Southeast Asia. They remember what it was like before the New Testament was finished in their language and dedicated in 2005.

When Wycliffe translators Mark and Kathy Taber, who helped the Luang get those words in their language, came for the dedication, the people told them:

"Long ago Joseph Kam first brought God’s Word to our ancestors, and while some of them received it, their lives weren’t changed because they couldn’t read and understand it. It was a closed book to them, and so their insides remained hard as they continued to live according to their traditional beliefs.

“But now, we, the younger generation, have received God’s Word in our own language and it’s an open book that makes our insides come alive. Now we read it with joy because we know what it means. Now we can follow God’s Word for ourselves and our lives are changed.”

Click here to read more about the Word of God impacting the Luang people.

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