Monday, April 6, 2015

Empty space

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Back in January, we were at the Wycliffe USA headquarters in Orlando, FL for our Equip training. While we were there, we had a chance to visit the Wycliffe Discovery Center. In this center there is a display where you can hear John 3:16 in ten different languages from around the world, such as Konso, Tboli, and Arop-Sissano. 

For each language, there's a mannequin dressed in the traditional clothing of the people group that speak it, as well as a globe showing where they are located in the world. There's also a plaque for each of these people groups that lists their population and other information such as when the New Testament was finished in their language. 

As we proceeded down the row of the language groups that are represented there, we listened to John 3:16 in each language, and were amazed at the variety of the languages and the beauty of each one.

But, when we reached the end, there was an empty space. There was no mannequin dressed in a colorful outfit, no location pinpointed on the globe, and you couldn't hear John 3:16 or any other Bible verses. That empty space represents about 1900 languages in the world, with a combined population of about 180 million people, that have no Scripture whatsoever.

We at Wycliffe believe that these people have waited long enough to have the Word of God in the language they understand best. So, Vision 2025 has been adopted, with the goal that a translation project will be started in every language that still needs one by the year 2025. This is a huge task, but we believe that it is one that must be done.

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