Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Is it really worth it?

Aitape West Translation Project (click for larger image)
This morning, I was reading an update from fellow Wycliffe missionaries, Ben and Mandy Pehrson, who are the team leaders of the Aitape West Translation Project in Papua New Guinea. One of the things that really struck me was this prayer request:

"Many of our Papua New Guinean translators struggle with neighbors stealing their land since they're away at translation workshops several times a year. This is especially true for Clement, Petrus, Joel and Otto recently."

Not only are people trying to steal their land, but there are also people stealing food from the gardens that feed their family! 

These men, from some of the ten different languages in the project, are working hard to get God's Word translated into their languages. Some of them have to walk for miles to get to the place pictured above where they work together on their translations. Some have given up jobs. They also struggle to provide for their families and to pay school fees that are rising all the time as their children get older.

Why? Well, they deal with all of this and more because they know that their people need to hear "God's talk" in their own language.
Is it really worth it? It is to them!

When faced with their level of commitment, and what they are giving up and dealing with, how can we say that translating God's Word into their languages isn't important?

How can we be any less committed to helping them?

Click here to see a short video about what these Papua New Guinean translators go through.

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