Monday, September 14, 2015

From tears to joy: the amazing impact of the Word!

The Kandawo people of Papua New Guinea now have the New Testament in their own language, both in printed form and in audio format on what is known as an AudiBible! The AudiBible, developed by Davar, is a solar powered audio player that can hold a high quality recording of the whole Bible.
Felicia, a Kandawo woman, said, “We were starving and we didn't know it. Now this AudiBible satisfies our hunger and tastes sweet.” After her husband left her, Felicia assumed the responsibility of feeding, clothing, and educating their two grade-school children. She testified, “I face worries, heavy problems, and insults, but the AudiBible told me that if I humble myself under God’s mighty hand he will lift me up. So I came to the Lord and he lightened my load and gave me joy.” Later Felicia broke into tears, as she pleaded with Wycliffe translator Mack Graham“You have to understand how very much this has completely changed me and my situation! This has changed everything for me.”

Felicia's mother, Naomi, also shared about the power of the AudiBible in her own language, saying, “I saved up the money I earned selling vegetables and bought one. Now I go to sleep every night with it playing on my chest.” She smiled as she continued, “We listen to it as a family. It has changed us so that we no longer gossip, speak evil of others, or steal.”

Naomi also said, “Before I got the AudiBible, I felt like a pig that was tied to a stick. But now I feel like I've been freed. I'm only a rotted old woman and I was going to church every week and I always wondered during the Bible reading. We thought that it was some language from some far away people. But now this machine has brought it close to me. We were ignorant pigs and dogs, but now we are changed. I had no idea how Jesus died but I am amazed at Jesus. And this revelation makes me cry. It's been revolutionary in my life!”

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