Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What does all this partnership and budget stuff mean?

With our talk about launching costs, monthly budgets, partnership and all of these percentages, perhaps you may be wondering what all of this stuff means. Well, let's see if we can clear things up a bit.

What are launching costs?
  One time costs for things like training, immunizations, moving costs, and five plane tickets for Papua New Guinea (PNG), so we can begin working with the Bibleless.

How much do you still need for launching costs?
  We currently have (100%) of our launching costs covered! Praise God!

So what is this monthly budget thing then?
  Our monthly budget is what pays for all of our monthly costs. This is what will enable us to live in PNG and do ministry there for years to come.

What does the monthly budget pay for?
  It covers the usual expenses like rent, groceries, bills, and other living costs. However, it also pays for health insurance (we pay the whole cost), social security and other taxes, retirement, evacuation insurance, furlough costs, ministry expenses, etc.

Where does the money for this monthly budget come from?
  A few churches have partnered with us so far, but most of our monthly budget comes from individual people like you who believe in what we are doing and want to partner with us by faithfully giving each month to our Wycliffe ministry.

How much of your monthly budget do you still need?
  We are currently receiving, or have pledges for, about 81% of our monthly budget, but need to be at 100% to move to PNG.

What is a pledge?
  In this case, a pledge is a promise to begin monthly giving at a later date (the month before we leave at the latest).

How is this different than a short term missions trip?
  The work of Bible translation takes years (7-20+) to complete, so what we are doing is very different. People going on short term trips just need to raise money once for the whole trip's expenses. In contrast, we will need money coming in every month for years in order to live in Papua New Guinea and help with Bible translation and training.

Are your kids going with you to Papua New Guinea?
  Yep, our whole family of five is moving there.

Why do you call it partnership, is that the same as raising support?
  We at Wycliffe think of it as partnership, because it truly is a partnership. Our Wycliffe ministry of helping with Bible translation will not happen without enough prayer and financial partners. Missions work is costly, but the rewards are eternal. Our partners are just as much a part of the work as we are, and will share in those rewards. We are called to go help the Bibleless to have God's Word so they can come to know Jesus, and we have been trained for that work. You may not be called to go, but you can still be a part of our ministry team through prayer and financial partnership.

So why don't you leave now and get to work right away?
  We would love to! However, Wycliffe wisely requires us to be receiving (or have pledges for) 100% of our monthly budget in order to release us to go to the field. Also, the Wycliffe entity in PNG only accepts new missionaries a few times a year. Our next opportunity to go is in July, but we hope to be at 100% of our monthly budget by March to give us time to go.

How can we financially partner with you?
  You can do that online by clicking here, entering an amount to give each month, and then clicking the give button. That will take you to another screen that will allow you to fill in your information and choose how you would like to give. Clicking "I would like to make this a recurring donation" will allow you to continue to give each month automatically.

I can't give right now, but should be able to by June, so will my pledge help?
  Yes, pledges count towards our goal of reaching 100% of our monthly budget! You can make a pledge by clicking here, and then clicking the "Send a Note" button on the left side of the webpage that comes up. That will bring up a box where you can fill out your name and type a message regarding how much you hope to give each month, and then click send.

Are my gifts tax deductible? 
  Yes, you are giving to Wycliffe, so all gifts are tax deductible.

Is all this stuff really worth it?
  You can read the answer to that by clicking here.

We hope that answers some of your questions, but if not, feel free to talk to us or leave a comment with your question.

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