Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The year in review: Bible translation

The work of Bible translation continued in 2015, and more languages received God's Word for the very first time. Towards the end of each year, new stats are published to show updated statistics on how many languages have scripture and how many are still waiting for a translation to begin for them.

Here are translation stats, as of October 2015:

There are about 1,800 languages still likely needing Bible translation to begin.
554 languages have the complete Bible.
1,333 languages have the New Testament (and some additional portions).
1,045 languages have just portions (one or more books).

Since the previous statistics were reported in October 2014, 23 more languages received a complete Bible, 4 received a New Testament, and 22 languages received at least some portion of scripture, all for the very first time. That means that people from 49 more languages can now experience at least some of God's Word in their own heart language for the very first time.

All of this adds up to a total of 2,932 languages with at least some Scripture! Praise God!

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