Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When are you leaving now?

The dates that we shared recently in our newsletters related to our budget and when we are leaving for Papua New Guinea (PNG) have been confusing for some, so we wanted to try to clear things up.

Here are things at a glance:

MARCH: Reach goal of 100% of monthly budget and prepare to move to PNG.

MAY: PNG will need final confirmation that we are at 100% of monthly budget.

JULY: Arrive in Papua New Guinea and start 3 month orientation.

More details:
Early to mid May is when the folks in PNG will ask us whether or not we are at 100% of our monthly budget. There is a waiting list of missionaries needing to attend the 3 month Pacific Orientation Course (POC), and if we aren't at 100% of our monthly budget by May, we will lose our spot and not be able to go in July.

So, why are we saying we hope to be at 100% by March? The reasons are many, but it boils down to the simple fact that there are many preparations we can't make until we know we are truly moving in July. Once we get to 100% of our monthly budget, we will be cleared by our supervisor to buy plane tickets and begin the myriad of other final preparations to move our family overseas.

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