Friday, June 8, 2018

June 2018 Newsletter

Display images to see this.    The Translator Training Courses (TTC 1 and TTC 2) are complete. It has been a busy six weeks or so for us. Mindy was the photographer for both Translator Training Courses, and did a great job of capturing the students as they learned.

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    They were taught things like Bible translation principles, language discovery, skills for studying the Bible, and Bible background. These Translator Training Courses are a key part of training that national translators receive to help prepare them to translate God's Word into their own languages.

Display images to see this.     Steve was a mentor in TTC 1 for two of our Titan (pronounced TEE-tawn) translators, Sheila and Grace, who flew up to Ukarumpa from Manus Island to attend the course.  During TTC 1, they worked hard and learned a great deal that will help them in their Bible translation.

Display images to see this.     Learning through doing is also a big part of these courses, which included having fun while deepening their knowledge of the Bible through acting out Bible dramas and creating a map of Israel.

Display images to see this.     The key part of learning by doing in the course was doing Bible translation. They worked on translating Genesis 22 into Titan during class, and have been working on other chapters in Genesis and 1st Samuel for homework. They now get to take back to share with their community the fruit of their labors in the form of some of the very first printed Scripture in the Titan language! Praise God!

    As for our family, we are currently in transition again. We are leaving here soon and will be back in Washington State by June 23. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again! Though we are not able to predict yet how our reentry process will go, we anticipate a wild ride of physical and emotional challenges as well as many adjustments that will come with returning to the States. Transition is difficult for us, and we are used to life in Papua New Guinea (PNG) now, so leaving will be hard. Plus, we are going to be doing a lot of travel and moving from place to place. Our first months in the States will include a short stay in the Lynden, WA area, followed by traveling in California for the summer months. We will, however, be residing in Lynden after that for at least one school year.

    Even though we are returning to the States to live for a time in order to give our kids a home base as they transition into college and their adult lives, our work here in PNG is NOT done. We are committed to helping with Bible translation in PNG from the States once we return.  We will work remotely helping the Titans with their Bible translation, and we'll also travel back to PNG from time to time to work with them in person. So, no need to wonder if we will still need your financial partnership with us. The answer is yes! In fact, Wycliffe is increasing our monthly budget requirement, so your partnership, and that of more new partners, will be absolutely vital in order for us to continue our Wycliffe ministry.

    It has been a stretching and very fruitful time here in Papua New Guinea for the last few years for our whole family, and we look forward to sharing with you in person soon. However, one big highlight during our time here has been working side by side with the Titan language group as the first chapters of Scripture were being translated into their language. To finally be engaged in the ministry that the Lord called us to so many years ago is extremely rewarding, and we are excited to see what God will do in the years ahead!

    Thank you for continuing to be a part of this Wycliffe ministry with us, as we can't help the Titans to have God's Word in their own language without you!

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See you later, Papua New Guinea!

Please pray that:
  • The cell tower that services the village of Pere would be fixed so that we can communicate easily with the Titans.
  • The Enemy would not be able to prevent the Titan translators from working on translation, or cause division.
  • We would have smooth and safe travel back to the States.
God i blesim yupela (God bless you all),
Steve, Mindy, Karah, David, & Jonathan Clover