Friday, August 24, 2012

Some pictures from last summer

As I mentioned before, last summer I drove up to the British Columbia area of Canada to attend the summer session at the Canada Institute of Linguistics. Most of this drive was on Interstate 5, and if you have ever driven this way you will already know that much of that drive through California is pretty brown and looks largely the same for several hundred miles. But, once you reach Redding, the scenery changes and it turns into a very beautiful drive from then on. The primary color changes from brown to green, and your vision is filled with mountains, lakes, rivers, green rolling hills, horses, cattle, and, of course, a great deal of trees. It was a long drive (over 1300 miles), especially doing it in just two days, but I really enjoyed the scenery.

Canada is beautiful as well, and everything is green and lush. That does, however, require lots of rain to make it that way, so it rained off and on (though not for long, and mostly it just drizzled a bit) even during the summer.