Thursday, October 1, 2015

Five Things Wycliffe Does To Empower People

Bible Translation: With a name like Wycliffe Bible Translators, it probably isn't a surprise that Wycliffe's primary goal is to translate the Bible into the languages of the world that don't yet have a translation. Did you know that there are nearly 1900 languages (approx. 180 million speakers) that still need a translation to be started?

Literacy: Many of the languages Wycliffe works with have never been written down, so when a Bible translation finally becomes available, people are eager to learn how to read it. Wycliffe is able to help by training local teachers who can then pass on those literacy skills to empower others with the gift of reading.

Scripture Use: When people get the Bible in their own language for the first time, they need help learning how to study it and apply it to their lives. Without this critical step, false teaching can quickly creep in as people take Scripture out of context, or Bibles may not be used at all. We address this need by providing consultants to work with local pastors and religious leaders who can then pass these skills on to their congregations.

Multilingual Education: It is widely accepted that when children begin education in the their mother tongue and then transition to languages that are more widely spoken, they learn better and stay in school longer. Wycliffe often trains local teachers, who are then empowered to teach their students.

Alphabet Development: Many languages that don't have Scripture have never been written down. So, Wycliffe works with the local community to develop a writing system that can be used not only for the Bible, but also health and community development materials, literacy primers, curriculum, local stories, and more!

Bible translation is incredibly important, but Wycliffe does much more than that in an effort to transform lives and empower people. This post only covers five things, but there are more, so look for those in an upcoming post.

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