Friday, November 4, 2016

November 3, 2016 Newsletter

   Our training at the Pacific Orientation Course (POC) is complete, and we are now at our place of assignment in Ukarumpa, which is in the highlands of Papua New Guinea!
Display images to see this.   Looking back at our final stage of training at POC, we lived in the village of Balin for four weeks with a wonderful Papua New Guinean family (our wasfemili). Buhabi, his wife Siafin, and their eight kids know what it is to grow all their own food by the sweat of their brow, live without electricity or plumbing, cook meals over an open fire, and build their own home and other things from materials they grow and cut themselves. They also serve others, give generously, and trust God in all of it. Experiencing life with them was an absolutely unforgettable experience as we saw firsthand what it is to live and build relationships with local Papua New Guineans.
   It was also a hard, and quite stretching, time for our family as we got out of our comfort zone, but we are very thankful for it.  During our time in the village, we got to see firsthand the importance of the people of Balin (and every people group) having the Bible in their heart language, and just how much their language truly means to them.
   Our wasfemili really helped us to learn more Tok Pisin (an important trade language for us to do ministry here in PNG), and worked hard at teaching us. However, it was when they started teaching us some of their own heart language (called Amele) that their eyes really lit up. Amele speaks to their heart on a much deeper level than Tok Pisin (a 2nd language for them) or English ever could! Our knowledge went from our heads to our hearts as we engaged with them on such a special and personal level!
Display images to see this.   Currently, we are transitioning to life here at Ukarumpa, the main center supporting the work of Bible translation, literacy, Scripture use and more, in this country. Besides our serving in the ministry of Bible translation, Karah is helping in the medical clinic as a part time receptionist and will be getting real life experience by going into the villages with the medical team. Our boys are adjusting very well to their new culture and school at Ukarumpa International School. They are making friends very quickly as they have been sincerely received and welcomed by their peers.

God i blesim yupela (God bless you all),
Steve, Mindy, Karah, David, & Jonathan Clover