Sunday, February 18, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

Display images to see this.    Steve just recently finished teaching another Paratext 2 course here in Ukarumpa. There were nine Papua New Guinean translators in the course, coming from five different languages and four provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG). As you might remember, Paratext is the main software used to do Bible translation here, and learning it really helps these translators to translate the Bible into their own languages. In addition to learning about Paratext, they also learned more about God through daily worship, prayer, and devotions.

Here are some comments from the Paratext 2 students:
"I am very happy because the course has helped me more in doing translation..."
"My own spiritual life improved alot."
"It challenges me to use the skills that I learnt to do more in our translation project."
"This course gave me strength in my weak parts of the translation work."

Answers to some of your questions about our return in June:

Why are you coming back to the States?
Our oldest son, David, will graduate in June 2018 and will need to go back to the States for college. Karah, who has been doing online college classes, will also need to start doing classes in person. We need to give them a stable home base in the States until they are ready to live on their own.

Display images to see this picture. Where will you live in the States?
We did not know what our life looked like beyond serving in PNG for 2 years. We have been relying on God in faith to show us the steps along the way. Now that our time of returning to the States is upon us, we have made the decision (through much prayer, discussion, etc.) to return to Lynden, WA after David’s graduation this June.

What about your role in Bible translation?
The last 2 years brought many new changes and opportunities to us. During this time we were allocated to Manus Island to help the Titan (pronounced TEE-tawn) people translate the Bible into their tok ples (heart language). The Titans have been praying for years for help and we had been praying to serve God where He was already working. Praise God for this allocation, because we will still be able to help them with their Bible translation from the States. We are NOT going on furlough, and we are NOT done with helping the Titans with translation. We are coming home with a REMOTE ASSIGNMENT of continuing to help the Titans.

What does remote assignment mean?
We love the Titans for a number of reasons. One reason is that they have computer skills and the ability to access the internet. This means we can work with them remotely from the States. Steve will also be flying back to PNG a few times a year to meet with the Titans in person. He will do this until we (together, WITHOUT KIDS) can go to live with the Titans in our house in the village of Pere.  Empty Nest years for us will be spent helping the Titans, after our children are settled into their young adult years in the States.

How long will you be in the States?
Our youngest son, Jonathan, is now in 10th grade. He will finish 11th and probably 12th grade in the States, preferably at Lynden High School. So for a minimum of 1-2 years (never know for certain how long), we need to be in the States for him to graduate, and for Karah and David to get established in their young adult years.

Will you go back to PNG?
Lord willing, yes! Our plan right now is this: Steve is currently setting up a small house in the village of Pere with our Titan team on Manus Island. He has been, and will be, going out there to set up solar electricity and indoor plumbing so that we can live and work out there in a way that is sustainable for the long term.

Display images to see this picture.     In fact, Steve will be heading back to Manus in the next few days with two missionaries from our Computer and Technical Services department (pictured). They will install a solar power system, while Steve works on plumbing for our house in the village of Pere.

Please pray that:
  • All will go well with the solar and plumbing install on this next Manus trip.
  • Steve will be able to work some more with the translators on this visit.
  • God will provide housing and a vehicle for us when we return to the States.
God i blesim yupela (God bless you all),
Steve, Mindy, Karah, David, & Jonathan Clover