Thursday, January 17, 2019

What do you mean when you say you'll be doing a remote assignment?

When we say that we will have a remote assignment helping the Titan people to translate the Bible into their own language, here are the basics of what we mean:

We use a program called Paratext to work on the Titan Bible translation. The Titan translators in Papua New Guinea type what they are translating into Paratext. Then, one of the Titans is able to connect the translation laptop to the internet (thanks to a smart phone being used as a Wi-Fi hotspot) and have Paratext send the translation up to the internet.

Steve is also using Paratext and is able to connect to the internet and see all of the changes that were made by the Titans on the translation. He can then make changes and comments for the Titans and send that back up to the internet. Then they can see what he did and continue working on the translation.
A remote assignment also means that Steve will be flying back to Papua New Guinea a few times a year to stay in Pere village and work with the Titans in person for multiple weeks.

But, we can't start our remote assignment without your help!

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