Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Manus Island

Manus Island is in the northernmost province of Papua New Guinea.

Approx. size: 100km (62mi) x 30km (19mi).
Highest point: Mt. Dremsel 718 metres (2,356 ft)
Population: 50,321 (2011 census)

The languages of Manus Province

Manus language map (Manus Island is the largest island in this picture)
There are 30 languages in Manus Province, which includes Manus Island and the smaller islands that surround it. Here is what Scripture has been published in these languages (as of this writing):

Nyindrou: New Testament and portions of the Old Testament
Wuvulu: New Testament
Seimat: New Testament
Nali: Scripture portions
Kurti: Scripture portions
Lele: Scripture portions
Titan: No published Scripture
The rest: No published Scripture