Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

Display images to see this picture. One day, after Steve finished teaching a course to help Papua New Guinean translators learn the Paratext translation software, he was reading student feedback. One translator wrote about his challenges being one of few believers in his village. This man had no one to encourage or pray with him, translation was difficult, and arriving at the course, he'd all but given up.
During the course, there were daily devotions and Steve prayed for the translators before beginning and ending each class session. He lifted up these Papua New Guinean men and women translating the Bible into their language for the eternal benefit of their people. But he didn't know the impact these prayers had until reading their feedback.
The translator who had been at the end of his rope said the devotions and prayer strengthened and encouraged him daily. By the end, he knew God called him into translation work and he recommitted himself! Steve was stunned.
We often don't know the impact our prayers have, and they can seem insignificant, but they're powerful because God is powerful! Never stop praying.
Prayer needed
Would you please pray for the Titan translators? Recent developments have caused a division among them and they need your prayers for unity.

For Steve to be released to begin a remote assignment serving the Titan language community, and be able to help them and other language groups at the upcoming Translators' Training Course on Manus Island, we must be receiving 100% of the monthly budget Wycliffe has approved for our ministry. We currently lack just under $900 per month.

We'd like to pray for you too! Please send us your prayer requests.

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God i blesim yupela (God bless you all),
Steve, Mindy, Karah, David, & Jonathan Clover